Programme Directors may be required to act as the ‘figurehead’ for their programme and, as a result, will be involved in a number of different aspects of student recruitment. These are outlined below:

  • Act as ‘champion’ for the programme at the University Open Days and applicant visit days run throughout the year. These tend to occur in June, September and October, and up to ten times between December and March respectively. These events include two Saturdays in each academic year. For these days duties include:
    • Taking part in presentations, and question and answer sessions
    • Having working knowledge of content, structure, key features of the programme and entry requirements
    • Engaging with prospective students, parents/advisers and teachers as required and relevant
  • Taking an active interest in recruitment and admissions to the programme and how it fits in with overall subject group/school recruitment
  • Contributing to any meetings and task groups as required related to student recruitment, retention, student success and entry/admissions requirements
  • Being prepared to record video clips and/or provide editorial comment for the prospectus and subject brochures
  • Taking part in master classes, subject enrichment activities and teachers’ conferences with the aim of promoting and raising awareness of the programme and subject area

For undergraduate admissions, applications are online and will be dealt with by the Admissions Tutor (or equivalent) within the department or subject group. For postgraduate programmes, applications are again made online, and the Programme Director (often in conjunction with the appropriate Associate Dean) reads each of them and will make decisions on the basis of the applications.


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