Regulation Sub-Committee (RSC) is responsible for all University Regulations relating to undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. The University Regulations have been drawn up with reference to the National Framework for Higher Education Qualifications and the Quality Assurance Agency’s (QAA) UK Quality Code for Higher Education (for more information see the Quality and Standards Section of the University website). In addition to updating the General Regulations on an annual basis, RSC is responsible for approving all requests for exemptions to regulations for programmes, and all waivers of General Regulations for individual students.

There are a number of ways in which Programme Directors should work with RSC. Firstly, RSC is a source of advice when changes to programmes are being considered which have, or may have, a regulatory aspect. RSC can advise on how programmes can be designed to fit with the General Regulations and provide insight into possible exemptions from regulations where programme design articulating with Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies’ requirements (PSRBs) causes conflict with General Regulations. Secondly, RSC is responsible for the regulations relating to all Examination Boards and related processes, for example, requests for waivers to appoint an External Examiner if their profile does not meet exactly the published criteria. Supported by twice-yearly training sessions organised by RSC, and the annual Examination Board Review meeting, RSC provides advice and training for Examination Board Chairs, Secretaries and other key staff (such as Programme Directors) on the regulations and processes relating to Examination Boards. Programme Directors should ensure School Quality Officers (see Quality Team structure) are advised about requests made to RSC both as a source of support and to keep them informed. RSC is responsible for the consideration of requests for Waivers of General Regulations for individual students where it has been identified that an individual student may be adversely affected by a particular regulation in an unintended way.

In addition to individual consultations on specific regulatory issues, RSC provides annual update  and  review  sessions  that  are  aimed  to  assist  programme  staff  in running programmes that meet the General Regulations. Programme Directors are encouraged to engage with all update and review sessions and contribute to consultations as appropriate.

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