Programme Directors, together with their Programme Teams, are responsible for ensuring that a programme is reviewed holistically on a regular basis, and that students and other stakeholders have a role in the review by being involved in the methods outlined below. Programme Monitoring and Review should take place with reference to the set of evidence available on the University website (see here) together with any additional evidence relevant to the particular programme of study. It is for the Programme Director to decide when meetings should take place. All Programme Directors are required to provide a formal Annual Review Report to the ADLT (or equivalent) on the outcomes of programme review in October of each year for undergraduate programmes and February for postgraduate.

The Programme Director should normally provide a report for each distinct programme. Where programmes are very closely inter-related a single report may be submitted, providing that comments distinguish between the generic and the programme-specific. Programme Directors should, for example, be able to provide a commentary on student attainment across the different cohorts.

Programme-level review meetings should, as far as possible, include all Module Leaders and any other members of staff with a substantive involvement in delivering or supporting the programme(s) of study. The minutes of meetings may be requested by Associate Deans, the Quality Team, or by committee secretaries, to inform the discussion of the review report and for internal and external quality assurance and enhancement activities.

Programme Teams should involve students in Monitoring and Review, through their Staff and students Consultative Committees, or by involving students at a distance through Blackboard or other virtual means. Student views should also be taken into account through consideration of feedback from sources such as the NSS, and module evaluation questionnaires.

As part of programme review, Programme Directors should ensure that the External Examiners’ formal reports are shared with student representatives and any other students involved in formal review processes (General Regulations for the Conduct of Boards of Examiners paragraph 2.10.3). Programme Teams should involve external stakeholders in review, together with internal representatives from areas such as Careers+Placements, Library, CLIPP and ISA, as appropriate.

On-going programme reflection may result in changes to module and programme delivery. The Programme Team should consider the cumulative effect of small changes to programmes to ensure that the overall coherence of the programme is being maintained and that learning outcomes remain appropriate; teams should also consider if any changes constitute a major modification of the programme (this includes any change to a Programme Specification document) that will need to be referred to the University’s Programme Approval Sub-committee.

The above is a general overview particularly in relation to the the Programme Director. Please also read the Quality Team’s Review and Monitoring website for the most up to date information.

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