As part of providing a quality experience for all Aston students, personal tutors (usually members of the Programme Team) play a crucial role in ensuring students get the help, support and guidance they need to succeed. Personal tutors are usually allocated by the SGL/HSG (or their nominee, for example, the Programme Director or at the School level in some cases). In allocating personal tutor responsibilities, workload issues and the numbers of tutees allocated to any individual tutor should be considered.

Once the allocations have been made, the Programme Administrator (or appropriate nominee, for example, the Programme Director) should disseminate this information before the beginning of term to students via MAP. Students should be given the name of their personal tutor during Welcome Week (or equivalent induction period) at the latest.

It is worth bearing in mind that the effectiveness and implementation of personal tutoring is considered annually through:

For more information on Personal Tutoring see the Personal Tutor Toolkit and the Personal Tutoring Policy.


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