It may be advisable for the student to take a Leave of Absence (LOA), returning to their studies when a particular issue has been resolved or becomes manageable. Students can apply for a LOA via My Aston Portal (MAP) and the decision as to whether to grant the LOA will be made by the Programme Director. It is advised that a meeting with the student should be set up following any LOA requests in order to discuss the options available to the student. LOAs can be granted for between 60 days and up to 2 years but it is most commonly given for one academic year. If an LOA is granted the Programme Administrator will log the LOA in SITS. If retrospective LOAs or extensions to LOAs are required the Programme Director must make a claim for a waiver of the regulations on behalf of the student to Regulation Sub Committee. More information on taking a leave of absence, particularly regarding the regulatory and fee implications can be found here.

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