The JACS is held and supported by Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The system codes subjects across Higher Education provision in the UK. For example, the code for all Optometry courses is B510, for Psychology is C800 and for International Business Studies is N120. The University is currently in the process of coding all JACS to the new HECoS subject coding system being introduced by HESA. HECoS are a set of new subject codes that will replace JACS in the future. The University will continue to use JACS codes until 2019/20 when we will be required to switch to the new HECoS coding system.

It  is  important  that  Programme  Directors  ensure  their  programme  has  the  correct JACS code. The JACS codes are categorisation data for the purposes of UCAS, National Student Survey (NSS) and Key Information Set (KIS) data. Therefore, it is important to make sure the JACS code best represents the programme to which it is assigned. It is also worth bearing in mind that other programmes in different Schools could be using the same codes thus data presented on the NSS, might be reflecting multiple programmes across the University.

Any discussions in relation to changing or checking JACS codes should be made with the SGL/HSG and the School’s Quality Officer who will have an overview of all the codes used in the School. The Programme Administrator will be able to action any changes to JACS codes.

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