Recruitment, selection and election of student representatives to University-level committees is carried out by the Students’ Union. Recruitment, selection and election to School-based committees is led by the Schools. The Student Representation Group will allow for greater liaison between these two activities:

  • The nature of the student representative role (on Union, University-level and School-level groups) is communicated annually to students well before recruitment/election starts
  • There is a democratic process in each area to ensure students are elected appropriately and will set appropriate timetables for the election of student representatives.
  • Details of student representatives are published appropriately so that all students know how to get hold of them.
  • Students know in advance that, if successfully elected, their contact details will be made available to the student body.
  • The details of student representatives are recorded on the appropriate section of SITS and that this activity is available on the students’ HEAR.
  • The Academic Lead for Student Engagement (ALSEs) make all students aware of the process for volunteering for a student representative role, what platforms will be available to potential student representatives to make their case for election, and the election process itself.
  • ALSEs are active in recruiting potential student representatives, particularly where academic areas are not adequately represented.
  • Required coverage is defined for effective representation (for example, 1 representative per 40 students, or 1 representative per programme year)
  • Measures are in place to fill student representative roles that are not filled by election or have fewer candidates than there are representative places.

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