The programme Curriculum Map is an essential part of the Programme Director’s ‘toolkit’. The Curriculum Map links all the modules on your programme with the programme level outcomes and learning, teaching and assessment strategies – showing how each is attained. As such, the map provides an overview of the programme and importantly it enables the Programme Director to track and pinpoint where programme level learning outcomes are achieved. The map is usually in a tabular format and is compiled at the programme approval stage.

The Curriculum Map should be used by the Programme Director to plan any desired changes to the programme. See the Programme Modification section for how to make changes to a programme.

The Programme Director should update Curriculum Maps when Programme Specifications are reviewed and changed annually. The Curriculum Map can be used to cross-reference all the learning outcomes of the programme with the module content. If modules change you should use the Curriculum Map to check whether any gaps in provision will be created – and take reparatory action as appropriate. There should always be a current version of the Curriculum Map available for consultation. The Curriculum Map is intended as a tool for the Programme Team and is not normally published more widely.

The programme is the default unit of design. Programme Directors should lead the Programme Team in their decision-making in relation to which skills are taught and assessed within which modules. Equally the Programme Director should ensure that students have the prerequisite knowledge from previous modules/years to successfully complete assessments in the current module/year. Formal prerequisites should be identified as appropriate.

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