To make a claim for exceptional circumstances the student must submit an exceptional circumstances form before the specified deadline. The deadlines for exceptional circumstances forms are available on the University’s Quality and Standards website and vary depending on the level of study, term and School. Students should be advised to submit an extenuating circumstances form to their School office before the published deadline.

The evidence provided in the exceptional circumstances form  will be considered by the Exceptional Circumstances or Absence Panel (ECAP), which will recommend whether the student’s claim  of  exceptional  circumstances  meets  University regulations or not. If the student’s exceptional circumstances are upheld this information will go forward to the Programme Board that has a number of options open to it. For example, in the case of a late submission, the Board may lift or reduce any penalties that have been automatically applied. In the case of a failed module, the Board may decide to allow the student to re-sit the module without penalty, i.e. the module would be deferred rather than referred or condoned. All decisions made at the Programme board must adhere to the University Regulations. For more information on exceptional circumstances please click here.

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