Following a  discussion  with  the  student, the Programme Director can advise the student that their situation may potentially fall into what are termed as exceptional circumstances (for full information please see the exceptional circumstances website). Exceptional circumstances claims are made when circumstances arise which cause the student to, either perform less well in coursework or examinations than might have been expected on the basis of other work, or fail to meet submission deadlines.

In general, exceptional circumstances will be of a medical or personal nature significantly affecting the student at, or during, a relevant period of time and/or during the examination period and which can normally be corroborated by independent evidence. For example, illness, unforeseen major travel disruption, personal/domestic problems or bereavement.  However, the following are examples of circumstances that are not likely to be judged to warrant a waiver of University Regulations:

  • Completing and submitting coursework too late and missing deadlines
  • Late submission due to a printing/binding/copying backlog
  • Losing coursework by not backing up effectively
  • Work (paid or voluntary) or religious commitments reducing time available for study or coursework
  • A minor ailment such as a cold
  • A domestic upset
  • A long-standing condition, such as susceptibility to hay fever or migraine
  • Misreading the examination timetable
  • Oversleeping/alarm clock not going off, causing one to be late for or to miss an invigilated assessment or other assessment deadline
  • Holidays or travel, for example for a family wedding
  • Chronic ill health (unless there has been a sudden and temporary flare-up)
  • Prolonged personal difficulties which have affected capacity to learn

If the student has long-term health issue(s), it may be helpful to direct them to the Enabling Team to discuss the support that may be available to them.

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