The different programmes delivered at Aston University use different types of management structures to suit their particular needs. Some programmes adopt  a  year tutor model, whereby each year of the programme  (year  one, year  two, year  three etc.) has a nominated member of academic staff who acts as  the  overall  manager for that year of the programme. This enables Programme Directors to delegate year level responsibilities to other members of the Programme Team. Some programmes additionally appoint the Programme Director to the final year tutor role in light of the responsibility Programme Directors have in presenting results to the External Examiners. Other programmes opt not to have such year tutor structures in place, and as such Programme Directors liaise more directly with Module Leaders. This ‘flatter’ management structure allows more immediate contact with Module Leaders; however, this approach may limit some avenues for delegating tasks.

Incoming Programme Directors will, of  course,  inherit  existing  management  structures but it is anticipated that a new Programme Director may suggest/instigate changes (in discussion with the SGL/HSG) aimed at improving the smooth running of the programme and spreading the workload evenly amongst the Programme Team.

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