All Programme Teams/subject groups are encouraged to meet on a regular basis, and at least once a year to review the curriculum for their programme. Here, all new modules, modifications to modules, and changes to curriculum information for the delivery of the programme should be considered. This review must take place in time for any changes to be made and approved through the appropriate channels (see below). Decisions need to be made on the following:

  1. Modules to withdraw
  2. Modules to modify
  3. New modules to create
  4. What modules to attach to programme stages as core/optional
  5. Who is teaching which module
  6. In which teaching period are modules running
  7. Timetabling and room-booking requirements for modules

Modifications that arise from these meetings may need to be submitted to the School LTC for approval (if minor) or, if considered a major or material modification affecting the Programme Specification, submitted to the School LTC for endorsement and then to the PASC. Outcomes from a curriculum review will need to be updated in relation to the following :

Module specifications

Programme Specifications and curriculum maps

Timetabling and room booking





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