The University uses Blackboard as its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and support this with a number of different training resources (online, one-to-one and one-to-many). Each module on a given programme should have its own Blackboard ‘module’ where learning resources such as lecture slides, academic papers and other relevant resources are stored for students to access. Using Blackboard, members of the Programme Team are also able to share and reuse digital teaching resources, develop innovative learning materials, diversify assessment as well as manage student access and performance. Many programmes additionally choose to have a programme or year level Blackboard ‘module(s)’ where more general resources such as Student Handbooks are stored. To create a new Blackboard ‘module’ please contact .

Module Leaders are responsible for their own Blackboard ‘module(s)’ and must make sure the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. Within each Blackboard ‘module’ there are a range of ‘roles’ that can be assigned to each user. These include ‘Student’ – a role assigned to a participant on the course, ‘Teaching Assistant’ – a role assigned to a co-teacher on the course and ‘Instructor’ – a role primarily assigned to the Module Leader on the course. Programme Directors are additionally anticipated to have Instructor level access to all Blackboard ‘Modules’ that contribute to their programme. Instructor level access is at a high level and enables the user to access most areas of the Blackboard ‘Module’. Programme Directors may also wish for a ‘dummy’ module to be created to act as a test area for any VLE content. Having Instructor access is important as it enables Programme Directors to:

  • Ameliorate/mitigate any Blackboard related issues that arise on an ad hoc basis
  • Deliver information to specific modules or cohorts, for example, advertising placement opportunities
  • Deliver more general information, for example, information on the different sources of feedback students will engage with
  • Disseminate satisfaction surveys on modules without lectures, for example, supervisor satisfaction surveys for literature review project module.


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