A Module Specification is a collection of information about a module of study. It details the full module title, level of study, if there are any pre- or co-requisites, minimum and maximum student numbers as well as the module learning outcomes, the philosophy, aims of the module, the indicative content and the associated reading list. The Module Specification also summarises the methods and frequency of teaching alongside the methods of assessment and any formative feedback methods that are adopted.

It is the responsibility of the Module Leader to ensure the Module Specification, associated assessment criteria, and the record of the module as it appears in the University Module Database (UMD) are up to date. The Programme Director should contact the School Quality Officer and for information in relation the timetable and process of approval. For more information see Annual Curriculum Review. The Programme Director also needs to ensure that any iterative changes to modules that impact on the accuracy of the Programme Specification lead to an updating of the Programme Specification via the processes described above.

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