Course Representatives are students who represent their cohort in various forums. Elected at the beginning of the year, course representatives serve one year in office, before another election is held at the start of the following year. The cohort of students will then elect the person they think can best represent them. Liaison between student/course representatives and the Programme Director occurs primarily through the SSC. See also the Student Representation Framework.

A student representative’s responsibilities are to:

  • Gather student opinion and present this in an objective form to the appropriate Staff-Student Committee (SSC) or other group as appropriate.
  • Provide constructive feedback where appropriate and to work collaboratively towards reasonable and feasible solutions to issues.
  • Provide students with feedback from the University regarding issues raised at SSCs.
  • Be proactive in taking steps to represent adequately those students who study at a distance.
  • Be proactive in taking steps to represent adequately the specific needs and concerns of those who are in a minority group, especially where particular issues may disproportionally impact those groups.
  • Act as a representative to all peers equally and without prejudice.

General information on student representatives as well as recruitment and election of representatives as well as support and training of representatives can be found here.

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